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Accommodate your employees at company events

We cater for company away days and private festivals for employees, which have become increasingly popular. If you’re organising an event for your staff and their families and need on-site accommodation, we can help. We can set up a bell tent guest village for any company event, keeping everyone cosy with comfortable beds and warm bedding.

Case Study: Hunt Forest Group Employee Festival, June 2022

Held at the company’s HQ, this event was to celebrate a merger in 2021 and draw employees together from different areas in the south of England. Our brief was to accommodate 113 employees, including a family area for a full weekend event. We did this with 51 bell tents (43 x 4 metre, 7 x 5metre, 1 x 6 metre) and all the tents were furnished and had full bedding. The build took one and half days, with the tents being ready in advance of the event.