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With just over 10 years experience of setting up wedding guest bell tents, we are confident that we have cracked this! We can provide a bell tent camp or village for your wedding, so your guests can share the celebrations into the early hours. We will set up a bell tent village for your guests to accommodate those who want stay on site for your event. Typically this will be 10-20 bell tents set up in a semi-circle or rows.

We usually get asked for the bell tents to be furnished, with guests having the choice of bringing their own bedding or adding it from our optional extras. Most guests opt for our luxury white bed linen which includes winter thickness duvet, pillows and sheet.

We have a choice of booking options – you can either block book all or some of the tents and in addition your guests can use our online booking system. Using our bespoke booking system we’ll create a unique booking link for your special day. Your guests can book individually and pay online by debit/credit card. This relieves you of the burden of organising people’s accommodation and means there’s one less thing to worry about in your wedding planning. We keep brides and grooms updated on names and numbers as bookings progress before your big day. 

Our furnished package provides guests with a more practical set up, especially as a lot of people travel and don’t want to bring excessive amounts of luggage. It includes beautifully decorated tents with solar festoon lights that twinkle when it gets dark; inside guests can choose their configuration of comfortable single or double camp beds (with space underneath for luggage) and the tents are made homely with a half moon flooring, a coffee table and lantern. Bedding and other items can be added from our optional extras if required. These include practical items like solar panel charging stations to keep phones charged and add-ons like our deck chairs or giant bean bags. We can accommodate up to to 150 guests depending on the sleeping configurations that the party will need.

Bridal Bell

If you are planning to spend the night under canvas with your guests you can book a special bridal bell. Our bridal bell comes fully decorated with a wooden double futon bed (off the ground), luxury white bed linen, chandelier, floor cushions, half moon flooring, Moroccan table, freestanding full length mirror, lanterns and wicker heart decorations and lots of extra bunting inside! We have a special ‘Bride & Groom’ sign to let all your guests know where the VIPs are staying. Please note we only hire the bridal bell as part of wedding bell tent guest village.


The bridal bell includes:

  • Wooden double bed with luxury white bed linen
  • Half moon flooring
  • Freestanding full length mirror
  • Tea light chandelier
  • Bunting and wicker love heart decorations
  • Lanterns
  • Sheepskin Rugs
  • Cushions
  • Moroccan Table

Our 2024 Bridal Bell Tent costs £300 (inc VAT) and is only available with our bell tent guest village.